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What is United Way? A Letter to Prospective Donors.

Have you ever wondered what is United Way? Are you considering making a donation for the first time? Do you want to change lives of people in your community? Do you want to know where your United Way Leeds & Grenville donation goes? This letter is for you!


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Mission & Vision








Our Mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

Our Vision is a United Way bringing people together to build vibrant, caring communities.


History & Background

A History of Being There ...

The roots of today’s United Way of Canada – Centraide Canada (UWC-CC) reach back to the Great Depression, when the Community Chests and Councils division of the Canadian Welfare Council was formed to provide health and welfare planning.

That was 1939 … Years later, the organization evolved its name to the Community Funds and Councils of Canada, yet remained strongly focused on the specific issue of social welfare.

Eventually, the organization’s membership recognized the opportunity to effect greater, more enduring change by taking a broader approach to social policy and development. In 1972, an independent corporate structure was established, with greater resources and capacity for long-term, strategic leadership. In 1975 came a new name: the United Way of Canada — Centraide Canada.

Today, UWC-CC is one of just a handful of comprehensive community organizations in North America, the national body representing a Movement of 117 local United Ways – Centraides across the country.

New Times, New Challenges

Canada has undergone profound change in the decades since UWC-CC’s inception. The fundamental experience of community is different today: so too are the needs Canadian communities face.

As a result, our Movement continues to evolve—to remain effective by focusing efforts where they are needed most. We are committed to improving lives and building communities by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. This is work that requires providing not simply services but also proactive, strategic leadership that helps communities build up their own capacity to confront the challenges facing them.

UWC-CC speaks on behalf of the Movement at the national level, addressing critical nationwide social and community issues. It works to improve member access to resources and partners by forging relationships with national and international stakeholders—and fosters collaboration among local UWs-Cs to harness their collective power for change.


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