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June 2022

50/50 draw #4 winner collects his prize

You might recognize Gene O'Grady's smiling face as the winner of the Indoor/Outdoor Sports package in draw #3. This time, he's won the cash! Congratulations, Gene!!

Yes! It's possible to win multiple times. In fact, you could win the Super Early Bonus Draw, the Early Bonus Draw AND the 50/50 prize in the same draw, but only if you've got your tickets in early!

To buy tickets for our 5th 50/50 draw on now, please visit

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United Way Is Deepening Its Impact On the Leeds & Grenville Community

United Way Is Deepening Its Impact On the Leeds & Grenville Community

Media Release

June 22, 2022

Brockville, ON – United Way Leeds & Grenville releases Our Strategic Journey – Step One Report to the public.

The Step One Report was released last week during United Way Leeds & Grenville’s Annual General Meeting. It outlines United Way’s progress on its strategic journey to address key systemic issues in the Leeds & Grenville community. The report highlights the approach they will take to narrow the focus around key issues and priorities in the community where the United Way can have a significant impact.

To this end, United Way Leeds & Grenville will explore the possibilities of a collective impact strategy which will focus on a collaboration between organizations, community and institutions. This approach will be deeper and more strategic than simply partnering on a project. It will mean coming together and collaborating in new ways.

“If we want to improve the resilience of our communities, we need to better understand the root causes of critical social issues in Leeds & Grenville, and how we can close the gap,” said Ian McFall, President of the Board of Directors, United Way Leeds & Grenville. “The community, including United Way’s network of agencies and partners, is an important bridge to understanding the critical issues and delivering the right solutions. This report is an important first step to letting the public know where we are heading and how we will invest important donor dollars.”

Communities across Canada are facing many complex social issues that affect every facet of daily life. Those who are struggling with issues have been further marginalized by the pandemic. The Leeds & Grenville community is not immune to these issues; in fact, we are just beginning to see the fall-out. United Way is on a journey to actively identify the key issues by listening to our communities through direct conversations and through the expertise of the social service agencies that provide services.

“We are very pleased to present our initial step to evolve as a critical advocate and investor in key social issues that affect our community,” says Trish Buote, Executive Director, United Ways Leeds & Grenville. “Although this may take some time, I am excited to ask the community for input, develop a plan and begin providing solutions that address the issues here. For our own sustainability, we must be able to demonstrate impact and progress and we must invest our donor dollars on the right things”.

For media inquiries or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Trish Buote

Executive Director

United Way Leeds & Grenville


Phone: 613-342-8889


About United Way Leeds & Grenville

United Way Leeds & Grenville is a non-profit agency that supports 20 local partner agencies in the community. Its mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. UWLG is dedicated to bringing people together to build vibrant and caring communities. For more information, please visit

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2021 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements now available

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting was held on June 14th at 6pm. Click here to view our AGM Presentation.

You can find our publications here:

2021 Annual Report

2021 Audited Financial Statements

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We are hiring a summer student!


Job Description

Resource Development Coordinator - Summer Student age 16+

Tasks & Responsibilities

The Resource Development (RD) Coordinator, under the direction of the Director, Resource Development (RD), is responsible for researching, contacting and securing individual donations and employee workplace campaign donations and corporate sponsorships. The RD Coordinator will also assist with United Way Leeds & Grenville (UWLG) fundraising activities including: workplace giving campaigns and partnership development. This will include the preparation of fundraising and training materials. This role will also assist with volunteer recruitment and management for fundraising events and in workplaces; Direct Mail campaign preparation; cold calling to secure donation of goods; and assist with workplace giving kick-offs and events.

Nature of Supervision

The Participant will work in our office and day to day with the Director, Resource Development. The Participant will receive the following support and supervision: 1) Orientation: Health & Safety; Schedule; Job Duties & Expectations; Technology Review; Work Environment; Privacy, Office Tour; Review of other duties; Meet & Greet (Welcome) team members; 2) Detailed Policy Review; 3) Training: United Way Organization Training; Systems & Process Review; Available Tools;

Director, RD will determine other specific training required based on Participant’s abilities. The Director will also provide day-today feedback and oversight. A weekly meeting will be set-up to review priorities, offer guidance on projects and to remove barriers to success.

Nature of Mentoring

Mentoring – the Participant will be provided with the opportunity to sit with each team member individually to shadow them on their work so that they obtain a good understanding of how the organization operates. It will also give them a good understanding of who to go to when they have questions while working through projects. Director, RD will work with the RD Coordinator daily to get acquainted with workplaces and available resources for fund building.

The Participant will shadow the Director, RD and then be asked to take on some projects of their own to lead. Director and Executive Director will be available at any time to support the success of the Participant in their role.

Client Service

Great Client or Customer Service skills is critical to the success of the United Way. It is the basis for building positive relationships with donors, workplaces, businesses, volunteers and team members. Participants will gain skills on great Customer/Client Service through mentoring, observation and doing. The specific skills that they will develop or improve will be: Patience, Attentiveness, Clear communication skills, Knowledge of the United Way and the agencies we support, Ability to use positive language and time management skills.


Communication skills are critical both internally and externally to be successful at the United Way in helping us meet our mandate. Participants will develop or improve business communication skills and presentation skills, from strategy and text preparation to voice quality, body language, establishing rapport, and overcoming speaking anxiety.

Participants will learn how to do an elevator speech on the United Way as well as be asked to develop and deliver a presentation on their projects. Team members will support them in the development of these skills and provide constructive and positive feedback.

Other – Fundraising Skills

Fundraising skills are critical to the success of the United Way and in achieving our mandate to help as many people in the community as possible. Participants will gain the following fundraising skills: 1) Social Awareness so that they can focus their attention on cues from a donor; 2) Ability to build a strong trusting relationship with the donor or volunteer; 3) Social Skills – being polished and gracious; 4) Etiquette; and 5) The ask.

Health & Safety Practice

As part of the orientation, the Participant will be required to review the Health & Safety Manual having the opportunity to ask questions. They will also be given a full tour of the building and its safety tools. Any new health & Safety updates are available on the main announcement Board on our main floor of the building. The office also has two staff members who are trained in CPR and AOD. The office environment is generally safe and will not require the Participant to utilize hazardous materials. General lifting may be required for some events. We will ask Participants to share any limitations they may have and both the United Way and Participant will ensure that we do not present any risks based on those limitations.

Career Related Experience

  1. Philanthropy Management;
  2. 2. Sociology – Community Impact Management;
  3. 3. Health Care;
  4. 4. Strategic Management;
  5. 5. Special Events Management;

Please send your resume to

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Come Out and Meet Darryl Sittler at the Gord Brown Memorial Golf Tournament


News Release

Brockville, ON: NHL Hockey Hall of Fame member, Darryl Sittler, will join us for the 2nd Annual Gord Brown Memorial Golf Tournament on Wednesday August 17 at Smuggler’s Glen Golf Course!

Hockey legend, Darryl Sittler played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Detroit Red Wings from1970 to 1985. He holds an unbroken record for scoring 10 points in a single hockey game, scored the winning goal at the 1976 Canada Cup, and he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1989.

United Way Leeds & Grenville and the YMCA of Eastern Ontario are collaborating on the event and all money raised will go directly into programs offered locally, ensuring that our community continues to receive support and programming provided by both charities.

“We are extremely excited and proud to have one of Canada's greatest hockey legends join us for this important event for our community,” said Trish Buote, United Way Executive Director. “Throughout his career and in his retirement, Darryl has been a strong advocate for healthy communities. His beliefs align so well with both our United Way and the YMCA.”

The past two years have put a lot of pressure on members of our Leeds & Grenville community. Returning to a fully healthy and prosperous community is the ultimate goal.  

“Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, there isn’t a Canadian who doesn’t know the name Darryl Sittler,” said Rob Adams, CEO, YMCA of Eastern Ontario. “We are thrilled that he has chosen to support this event and our community. It speaks to his long commitment to public service and his understanding of how difficult the past two years have been. Stepping up to support social and health-based programs demonstrates just how important these programs are.”

The return of the golf tournament will honour the Late Gord Brown’s legacy of giving back to our great community. Gord would be amazed that Darryl Sittler, #27 and his favourite professional hockey player, would join us for this event.

The tournament will attract golfers of all levels who are looking to support a worthy cause and enjoy a beautiful course.

Space is filling up fast. To register a team online please visit: or If you would rather register a team offline, sponsor the event or have questions please contact Christine Radford. Contact information is below.

About United Way Leeds & Grenville

United Way Leeds & Grenville is a non-profit agency that supports 20 local partner agencies in the community. Its mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. UWLG is dedicated to bringing people together to build vibrant and caring communities. For more information, please visit


About YMCA Eastern Ontario

The YMCA of Eastern Ontario is a charity that provides programs and services to improve health and health outcomes, develops leaders, helps build social connections and provides safe, inclusive spaces for

people of all ages. The Y is Canada’s largest provider of childcare with trademarked curricula and offers fitness and other specialized programs including Work Hard Eat Well, Karate and Total Life Care.



If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please contact:

Christine Radford

Director, Resource Development

United Way Leeds & Grenville


Phone: 613-342-8889


For media inquiries or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Colleen Gareau

Director, Marketing & Communication

YMCA Eastern Ontario


Mobile: 613-888-9298

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Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of volunteers for many current & upcoming events!

Raffle ticket sales (Canadian Tire Brockville or Canadian Tire Prescott)

Golf Tournament (Smuggler's Glen Golf Course)

Docs & Diamonds (Brockville)

Hockey Tournament (Kemptville)


Please contact Wendy at 613-342-8889 if you are available for any events.  Our raffle ticket sales volunteers work a minimum of 2 hours based on availability.


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3 days left to get in on our Early Bonus Draw!


Get your tickets in the draw to win this CANVAS Bala Square Outdoor Patio Sectional Set w/UV-Resistant Cushions, 6-pc (MSRP $1,299.99 plus taxes $1,468.99) generously donated by Canadian Tire Brockville/Prescott. Your tickets will also then be entered in the final draw taking place on June 24th.

Get your tickets here:

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