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Pennies for Programs

[Originally Posted April 11, 2012]

In its 2012 budget, the Government of Canada has announced that it will eliminate the penny from Canada’s coinage system.  Canadians may redeem their pennies at their financial institutions, but the government is encouraging Canadians to consider donating their pennies to charities.

We’d like to take your pennies off your hands!  (We’ll take other coins, too, of course!)

Do you have piles of coins taking up space at your house?  Bring them by our office and we’ll count them and provide you with a charitable donation receipt.  We’ll use the money to help fund our 29 member agencies that provide programs and services to help 35,000 people in our community.

Feeling creative?  Take a photo of your coin stash before you bring it in, tweet it with the hashtag #showyourroll and mention United Way Leeds & Grenville, and you’ll make the honour roll at Show Your Roll.

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