Together, we are possibility.


Give a gift to a teacher and & make a difference in our community!

Are you looking for a special gift for your children's teachers? Consider showing your Local Love by making a contribution in your teacher's name!

When you make a donation, we'll send you a virtual Thank You card to send to your teacher.



   Step 1: Make a donation through our online donation platform

   Step 2: At the “Additional Gift Information” section, make sure to dedicate this donation in celebration of your teacher’s name (see screenshot)   


  Step 3: Check to add instructions for your donation, and indicate that this is a teacher’s gift. 

  Step 4: We will be sure to email you a virtual “Thank You” card that you can send to your teacher!

Your donation impacts community

Any donation to United Way can make a difference to the most vulnerable children and families. Here are some examples of how your gift can help kids access basic needs to improve their health and school success.

Together, we are making our community stronger.

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