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We are hiring a summer student!


Job Description

Resource Development Coordinator - Summer Student age 16+

Tasks & Responsibilities

The Resource Development (RD) Coordinator, under the direction of the Director, Resource Development (RD), is responsible for researching, contacting and securing individual donations and employee workplace campaign donations and corporate sponsorships. The RD Coordinator will also assist with United Way Leeds & Grenville (UWLG) fundraising activities including: workplace giving campaigns and partnership development. This will include the preparation of fundraising and training materials. This role will also assist with volunteer recruitment and management for fundraising events and in workplaces; Direct Mail campaign preparation; cold calling to secure donation of goods; and assist with workplace giving kick-offs and events.

Nature of Supervision

The Participant will work in our office and day to day with the Director, Resource Development. The Participant will receive the following support and supervision: 1) Orientation: Health & Safety; Schedule; Job Duties & Expectations; Technology Review; Work Environment; Privacy, Office Tour; Review of other duties; Meet & Greet (Welcome) team members; 2) Detailed Policy Review; 3) Training: United Way Organization Training; Systems & Process Review; Available Tools;

Director, RD will determine other specific training required based on Participant’s abilities. The Director will also provide day-today feedback and oversight. A weekly meeting will be set-up to review priorities, offer guidance on projects and to remove barriers to success.

Nature of Mentoring

Mentoring – the Participant will be provided with the opportunity to sit with each team member individually to shadow them on their work so that they obtain a good understanding of how the organization operates. It will also give them a good understanding of who to go to when they have questions while working through projects. Director, RD will work with the RD Coordinator daily to get acquainted with workplaces and available resources for fund building.

The Participant will shadow the Director, RD and then be asked to take on some projects of their own to lead. Director and Executive Director will be available at any time to support the success of the Participant in their role.

Client Service

Great Client or Customer Service skills is critical to the success of the United Way. It is the basis for building positive relationships with donors, workplaces, businesses, volunteers and team members. Participants will gain skills on great Customer/Client Service through mentoring, observation and doing. The specific skills that they will develop or improve will be: Patience, Attentiveness, Clear communication skills, Knowledge of the United Way and the agencies we support, Ability to use positive language and time management skills.


Communication skills are critical both internally and externally to be successful at the United Way in helping us meet our mandate. Participants will develop or improve business communication skills and presentation skills, from strategy and text preparation to voice quality, body language, establishing rapport, and overcoming speaking anxiety.

Participants will learn how to do an elevator speech on the United Way as well as be asked to develop and deliver a presentation on their projects. Team members will support them in the development of these skills and provide constructive and positive feedback.

Other – Fundraising Skills

Fundraising skills are critical to the success of the United Way and in achieving our mandate to help as many people in the community as possible. Participants will gain the following fundraising skills: 1) Social Awareness so that they can focus their attention on cues from a donor; 2) Ability to build a strong trusting relationship with the donor or volunteer; 3) Social Skills – being polished and gracious; 4) Etiquette; and 5) The ask.

Health & Safety Practice

As part of the orientation, the Participant will be required to review the Health & Safety Manual having the opportunity to ask questions. They will also be given a full tour of the building and its safety tools. Any new health & Safety updates are available on the main announcement Board on our main floor of the building. The office also has two staff members who are trained in CPR and AOD. The office environment is generally safe and will not require the Participant to utilize hazardous materials. General lifting may be required for some events. We will ask Participants to share any limitations they may have and both the United Way and Participant will ensure that we do not present any risks based on those limitations.

Career Related Experience

  1. Philanthropy Management;
  2. 2. Sociology – Community Impact Management;
  3. 3. Health Care;
  4. 4. Strategic Management;
  5. 5. Special Events Management;

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