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Thanks a Million

[Originally Posted December 20, 2011]

It’s been a whirlwind week, but it’s an incredible ending to an exciting campaign — one filled with special milestones.

This was the year that United Way Leeds & Grenville reached a million dollars in campaign success.  Hundreds of companies, business and individuals participated in this year’s annual giving campaign, which has truly paid off for the 27 agencies United Way funds.

On December 13, staff, cabinet and board members attended the final cheque presentation at Procter & Gamble.  This team has shown a level of energy and enthusiasm that drives their campaign totals on an annual basis. United Way President Shawn Sauder and Cabinet Co-Chair Ben TeKamp accepted a cheque from P&G for $250,000.  This cheque represents the largest amount that their campaign has achieved since beginning their relationship with United Way 27 years ago.  The totals that Procter and Gamble presented to us that day not only helped us reach our $995,000 goal, but took us to a million dollar achievement and beyond.

Later on in the day, United Way President Shawn Souder and past Cabinet Chair Andy Jordan (along with several other staff and volunteers) fulfilled the promise they had made at our kick-off breakfast on September 14:  to jump into the St. Lawrence River once we broke the million-dollar mark.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures and BrockNews for video.

Some workplace campaigns are still coming in, so expect the total to jump again when we reveal the total achievement at our annual volunteer appreciation event in the new year.

To everyone who helped make this year’s campaign a success, we say, “Thanks a Million!”

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