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Giving Through Your Workplace

The heart and soul of every United Way campaign are organizations that care about their community and the employees who want to make a difference.

Many workplaces support the United Way and support employees wishing to donate via payroll deductions, special events and fundraising opportunities.

We make it easy to become involved with the United Way and can tailor a workplace campaign to your needs by providing:

  • Information and Engagement: A speaker can visit your workplace to share information surrounding workplace campaigns, how United Way helps in your community, and the power of every donation
  • Specialized Training: An Employee Campaign Chair (the lead of a workplace campaign) can receive training to develop skills in project management, leadership, time management and communications
  • Materials: Posters, brochures and other campaign tools are provided to support your campaign (see Campaign Toolkit)
  • Direction: Providing guidance on developing your Corporate Investment program. We’ll work with you to align your corporate gift with your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines, also ensuring your investment is effectively communicated to your stakeholders.

About Payroll Deduction

Giving is easiest through payroll deduction. Through your workplace, you can pledge to have an amount deducted from your pay. There’s no need to track receipts because your donation will show up on your annual T4 slip at tax time. If you are not sure if your work offers payroll deduction or if you want to sign your workplace up for payroll deduction, contact United Way.