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Youth 2 Youth Board

The United Way Youth 2 Youth Board, or more commonly known as the Y2Y Board, is a junior board of directors made up of high school students from all 9 high schools in Leeds & Grenville. The board’s main objective is to raise funds to allocate to different youth initiatives in Leeds and Grenville. The members meet once a month to discuss fundraising ideas for their schools as well as other special events that the members help out with. There are 4 executive positions on the board who are elected each year. The President, Vice-President and Secretary, as well as the Junior Trustee who sits on the United Way Board of Directors to update the Board on the Y2Y Board’s progress.

If you're interested in joining, talk to the Y2Y Board reps at your school or contact United Way at 613-342-8889.

Y2Y Board 2016

Alexis Wharton, SLC: President

Bushra Khadra, BCI: Vice President

KayLee Parr, St. Mary: Secretary

Michael Fenn, St. Mary: Junior Trustee

Marah Akour, BCI: Treasurer

Haileee Banks, St. Rideau

Danielle Boulay, GSS

Kayla Brown, BCI

Cassandra Carr, St. Mary

Melissa DeJong, ADHS

Hannah Doyle, St. Mary

Nicholas Julian, ADHS

Allison MacKay, St. Mary

Vanessa Martin, St. Mary

Prutha Patel, BCI

Tehya Preddie, GSS

Sarah Stone, SGDHS

Rachel Wheeler, St. Mary